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Who do you call when your process pumps, mechanical seals, valves, or other flow control equipment in your plant aren’t running the way they should?

At Pierce Dynamics, we save industrial operations time and money by solving maintenance and process issues with reliable pumps, seals, valves, systems, and services.

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Our Services

Identify problems, develop solutions, execute.
That’s how we work: simple and effective.
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Increasing Uptime

We understand the dynamics of your process. Let us help you keep things running.

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Reducing Interventions

We help reduce impactful downtime by minimizing the number of interventions on processing equipment.

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Preventative Maintenance

Some problems are unique but many are not. We’ll help you anticipate many common headaches: saving time and money!

Adding Value to the Stream

We learn your process and help you maximize processing potential wherever possible!

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Our Products

The right products can solve a lot of problems. We’ll guide you to the best ones.
Mechanical Seal

Mechanical Seals

Whether a you need a seal for a process chemical ANSI or API pump, or a sophisticated seal with purpose-built features for handling applications with severe abrasives or corrosives: we have you covered!

Process Pump


Whether your system demands process chemical pumps, ANSI pumps, heavy-duty slurry pumps, or positive displacement for sludges and pulps — Pierce Dynamics has a product to offer.

Pinch Valve, various views


Are custom-engineered pinch valves with remote actuation and replaceable liners your thing? Maybe a butterfly valve with a bubble-tight fit? Or a wear-resistant swing-check valve with low friction loss is what you need right now.

We have the valves to suit your needs.

Engineer Reviewing Plans

Specialty Products

Some people might call this Pandora’s box: specialty products! We call it opportunity.

Wear and corrosion resistant hoses? Check.
Rotating element protection? Check.
Bearing isolation? Check.

Do you have other processing concerns? Let our product knowledge and expertise work you!

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We engineer solutions to the tough problems.

We identify and resolve tough problems that the big guys overlook. Our DNA is rooted in processing dynamics to improve maintenance outcomes and overall system reliability.

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Why Work With Us


We listen to our customers and build trust every step of the way.


We take action and deliver on our promises.


Processing problems all have solutions. We find them.

We Care

We are a part of your community and care about your success.


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“I would recommend Will [Pierce] to anyone requiring his expertise as a person who is knowledgeable, respectful and courteous. His knowledge of systems makes it possible to achieve the needs of the customer at a cost effective way with full follow up support.

All projects were very successful and resulted in significant cost savings on parts and labour. ”
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Ronald Shaw
Retired (Mill Maintenance Superintendent)
“What I like most about dealing with Will [Pierce] is his ability to support me as a customer…If I were to recommend Pierce Dynamics to a friend, I would say their customer service and product knowledge are rare in the industry.”
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Victor Mwaba
Operations Manager
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